Do you feel that clutter is affecting your family's quality of life?

I support families in the Stuttgart and Schorndorf areas in effectively and sustainably organizing their homes. My service provides tailor-made solutions, aligned with the specific needs and lifestyle of each family.

With practical organization methods, I not only enhance well-being but also contribute to more conscious consumption habits. Together, we create a space that harmonizes functionality and harmony.

Do you want to bring more order to your home?

Clutter can cause a lot of stress and frustration. I'll show you how to free yourself from it.


Do you want to involve your children and teach them the joy of tidying up?

Children's toys can quickly spread to every corner. I'll show you how to get this under control quickly.


Want to know which techniques can efficiently organize your home?

Organization doesn't have to be time-consuming. I'll teach you how to optimally organize your home despite a busy schedule and find the right balance.


Are you planning to move soon?

Moving brings many challenges. Let me help you make it as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Hello! I'm Cecília, a KonMari™ certified organizing consultant who passionately transforms cluttered spaces into calm and harmonious homes.


With my unique blend of expertise, empathy, and a touch of humor, I'm here for you to organize your home. I want to show you how decluttering can free you and lead to inner peace.


My approach is more than just tidying up; it empowers you to maintain lasting and effective organization in your home. With the techniques and skills I share, you'll learn to create and sustain an organized environment, ensuring your home remains a space of tranquility and functionality. Schedule a free, no-obligation call to discover how you can become self-sufficient in organizing your living space.